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2013 Porsche 991 Carrera Coupe, transformed into a 2016 Porsche 911R look
exterior color:White with red stripes
interior color:Black with red accents
number of cylinders:6
transmission:7-speed manual
body type:Coupe
VIN number:107819

 Here we offer a 2013 Porsche 991 Carrera Coupe, that we have transformed by converting it  to our 2016 Porsche 911R look.

This vehicle came to us with slight damage to the front right corner of the vehicle. The damage was confined to the following parts, The front right corner of the front bumper, the front tight headlight the front right radiator and the front right AC condenser, the airbags were not deployed. We replaced the damaged parts with OEM factory parts, and since this vehicle was a very low mileage, 7- speed manual vehicle, we thought it would be a great candidate for out 2016 Porsche 911R body conversions. So here is what we did to transform the vehicle to a 911R look.

 We replaced the front bumper, with out 911R style front bumper using all OEM factory front bumper valance, retaining frames, mesh screens, bumper lights, etc. We replaced the hood with our 911R style front hood, we replaced the roof panel, with out 911R style roof panel, we replaced the standard door mirrors with OEM factory 911R style sport mirrors, we replaced the rear bumper without 911R style rear bumper with all OEM factory attachments, we replaced the rear engine lid grill with an OEM factory Porsche 911R rear trunk grill and emblem. We converted the exhaust to a 911R style center exhaust with an OEM factory Porsche 911R double center exhaust tips. We then finished the 911R body look with the traditional 911R style red stripes running from the fornt hood over the roof panel, and down to the rear decklid, as well as the PORSCHE logos on the lower sections of both doors. The result is a stunning 911R body transformation that is nearly impossible to tell  it apart form an actual half a million dollar 911R. But we didnt stop there, we were just getting started. 

 We had a full and complete front clear bra cover, for the entire front bumper, the entire front hood, both fenders, both headlights and both sport mirrors, at a cost of 1,780.00 ( we have the invoice) We did this so the new owner would not have to worry about toad rock chips, they can take the vehicle on a long road trip, without having to anxiety about damaging the front paint, it will give you peace of mind and longevity of the front paint. We also changed the color of the brake calipers to the yellow color calipers, to stay true to the 911R look and style, no detail was spared. We also installed new 20" OEM factory Porsche wheels with brand new OEM factory wheel sensors and air stems, as well as top of the line brand new Michelin tires, the tire stickers are still on the car. We didnt want this vehicle only to look stunning, but we wanted everything to be mechanically sound so we also send it to Beverly Hills Porsche service center to do the full and complete 20k mile service, we have the invoice or that as well. This vehicle is an everyday driver with service, brake, tires, replaced with new, so all you have to do is enjoy it. This vehicle is heavily optioned with full power options and satellite radio. 

We also wanted the owner of this special vehicle not only be excited about the exterior appearance of the vehicle, but also to have that same excitement on the inside of the vehicle. So we set out to tie in the stunning exterior of the vehicle to the inside of the vehicle. When you open the the door you will be greeted by the illuminated OEM factory Carbon 911R door sills with contrasting carbon fiber backing. Then you will look up at the black dash and see the red stripe running horizontally thought the center of the dash from the corner of the driver side of the dash, across and to the corner of the passenger side of the dash, to tie in the exterior red strips to the interior. Then once you slide into the seat, you will go to grab the door panel handle to close the door and you will notice the custom alcantara suede accents, contrasted by the large gauge double stitched, red baseball stitching and the red door speaker bezel trim. Finally we also tied in the 7-speed manual stick shift console, with red surrounded trim for the finishing touch, for your 911R look and feel.

As you can see, we have spared no expense to completely transform this vehicle to the look and feel, of the highly prized and collectible half a million dollar 2016 Porsche 911R look. The reason why this is such a great opportunity is this, you can have the look and fell of a k car, for only 89,999.00 . you can drive the vehicle as your daily driver and never have to worry about depreciating its value by adding miles. you can rely on the mechanical soundness and comfort of this vehicle and you can blow away all the people at the cars and coffee car meets by actually pulling up with that they will think is a 911R. This is a great and rare opportunity to own a vehicle like this, as we dont not plan to build another one. So take advantage of this opportunity own a great looking and driving Porsche, if you have questions, you can text or contacts us at 818 426 3909 good luck!

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