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2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Super Car Conversion on a Porsche Boxster Body
exterior color:Any
interior color:Any
number of cylinders:8cyl
body type:Spyder
VIN number:XXX

Ladies and Gents, Wicked Motor Works is the only Porsche Body Conversion and Fabrication Facility that undertakes monumental project and here is one latest and most ambitious.

2015 Porsche 918 Spider Conversion

We will take a Porsche Boxster, we will first cut the vehicle, in 3 places and extend both the length and width of the vehicle to the specs of the 918 Spider.

Then we will place the vehicle and original OEM Factory Porsche 918 front and rear bumpers, together on a metal jig, to mimic the exact dimensions of the 918 Spider.

And here is where nobody but Wicked Motor Works, is capable of doing. We will then fabricate in steel each of the Porsche 918 Body panels, the old fashion way, by hand panel beating, to perfection.

We will fabricate the front hood, the front fenders, then the doors, the rear quarter outer structure running with the rocker panel, rear quarter inner structure, rear top quarter structure, top roll bar structure, rear engine screen base, rear engine screen.

The front and rear bumpers, will be identical copies from our OEM 918 Bumpers, the front Angel Headlights will be original OEM 918 headlights, as well as the taillights and all other lighting. The mirrors and hood handles will be original OEM 918. The rear exhaust hinders, bezels and tips will be original OEM 918, as well as the rear decklid's inner accent grills.

The vehicle will have the following carbon fiber accent parts, the front bumper valance, the fender side opening canards, the windshield frame, the inner section of the rear roll bar, the rear spoiler wing, removable top and the rear lower diffuser.

The exterior of this vehicle, will be nearly identical to an original 918 Spider. The wheels, tires, brake caliper color, are all the client choice. The client can elect to purchase OEM 918 wheels at an additional cost.

The Interior is again, the client's option. We can offer a full custom interior upgrade, at an additional cost.

This is truly a remarkable transformation, that only Wicked Motor Works is capable of undertaking. Place your order today. Currently, we have 3 order and each vehicle will take about a year to complete, in steel. If you want the body panels in carbon fiber as opposed to steel, this is the same price, however, half the completion time.

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