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2012 Porsche 997 Turbo Wicked 7 Mega Wide Body Super Car for a Russian Client
exterior color:White with Mat Carbon Fiber RS accents
interior color:Full Custom Black, Red and Mat Carbon Fiber accents
number of cylinders:6cyl
body type:Coupe

Here is One of our Famous Wicked-7 Super Car Custom Porsches that we built for a very special Russian Client.

He sent us his Porsche from Russia to our Factory in California. We transformed his Porsche to a 2012 Porsche 997.2 Twin Turbo Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body, with GT2 RS style Mat Carbon Fiber Accents, including Carbon Fiber Wheels. We also did a full Custom Interior Design, using German Leather, Red Accents and Mat Carbon Fiber Highlights. Finally, we built a Full Custom Entertainment System, with Custom Porsche Dual Subwoofer Box, located behind the rear seats, Dual Amplifier compartment that can be viewed from it's Plexiglas-Glass transparent cover, with illumination enhancements and air circulation opening, and an insane sound System.

These are some photos of the vehicle after we completed it and as it was being loaded into the transport Truck to be delivered to the port, to be shipped back to it's owner in Russia

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