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2003 BMW Z8 Roadster built on a Z4 chassis & Drivetrain Wow
exterior color:Black
interior color:Red & Black
number of cylinders:6-cyl
body type:Convertible Roadster
VIN number:S44759

the nearly $200K price tag has kept it out of your reach, this unique creation is for you. We are a famous Porsche Custom house and we are Internationally recognized for building some of the most stunning Custom Porsche on the glob. Having all the resources of the Vehicle Design and Development Company, the owner once in a while takes on Projects that he personally has a liking for. He designed and build the Aston Martin Vanquish Body on the XK8 Jaguar Convertible, he build a Mercedes SLR on a Mercedes SL and he also built the BMW Z8 on a BMW Z4. These are a few of the Legendary vehicles that he personally enjoys so, when he has the original vehicles, he makes copies of the body panels and there after fabricates them to fit the donor vehicles. He tends to try and use original parts such as grills, lights, markings etc. to make the vehicle as close as possible to the original. Here is an stunning example of one of his creations.
This is a 2003 BMW Z8 Roadster which was build on a 2003 BMW Z4 Roadster. The vehicle only has 12K miles. It took 3-4 years to build this vehicle because he wanted to acquire as many original Z8 Parts as possible so he collected them over the years, all the while working on building the vehicle in his spare time. He also was very particular about the interior also matching a Z8 Interior. He was very fond of the Red and Black Z8 Interior so we decided to go with that color combination. The result in Stunning to say the least.
The vehicle was built and Finished in Black, front the front to the rear, the Headlights are original Z8 Headlights, the Flog Lights are original Z8, The front Grills and Chrome Trim is all original Z8, the side fender grills and lights are original Z8, The chrome Door Mirrors are original Z8, The wheels are original Z8, the rear LED Taillights are original Z8, the rear marker lights are original Z8, the rear reverse lights are original Z8, the rear lower reflector lights are original Z8, front and rear emblems are original Z8, the tool kit is original Z8. the rear windbreaker is original Z8. The original Z8 parts alone on this vehicle is a fortune.
Once the exterior was completed and all the original Z8 parts installed, all the Z8 lighting was custom wired to function perfectly. Then no attention to detail was spared, the side Z8 electric mirrors function, all the lights, including the side fender lights function. The windshield water squirters function, the trunk electric opening system functions, the Z8 wheels and tires were installed.
Then the stunning interior was mimicked as close as possible tot he original Z8. The Seats were custom worked to resemble the color, style and pattern of the original Z8, the red carpeting was installed, even in the rear trunk and the underside of the rear trunk to try and mimic the Z8. the center console, the dashboard, the door panels, the pillar trims, the rear section of the seats, even the roll bars were taken into account. We also, painted the interior panels to mimic the aluminum trim of the interior. The Interior is truly a beautiful custom creation.
This is an extremely rare opportunity for someone who really loves and appreciates the BMW Z8 but either can not afford the real Z8 or would not want to drive a real Z8 as it is such a collector vehicle and would not want to put the miles and wear and tear on it. This is the perfect solution, you can drive this vehicle every single say, enjoy the beauty and not worry about depreciating the value. Very few people would be able to tell this vehicle from an original. Probably only people who either have owned an original Z8 or are great enthusiasts of it. 98% of the world has not seen one up close much less sat in one. From the outside it will even fool owners of Z8 if they are not paying detailed attention. We will not be building another one of these vehicles, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so do not miss out, you won't see it again. Buy it in time for Summer and enjoy it. Best of Luck

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