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2002 Lamborghini Murcielago
exterior color:Speed Yellow
interior color:Black
number of cylinders:12-cyl
body type:Coupe
VIN number:LA12063
price:$149,999.00 (SOLD) to a Doctor in Florida

Here we have one of our Masterpieces. Gentlemen, if only the best will do for you...Do we have the most Beautiful California Blond you have ever seen or what? In the late afternoon of the 5th October 1879, after a fiercely fought contest in the arena of Cordoba, a bull named Murcielago from the stud farm of Joaquin del Val di Navarra had his life spared by the famous matador Rafael Molina “Lagartijoâ€. This was a very rare occurrence in bullfighting, and an honor accorded only to those bulls that have shown exceptional courage and spirit in the arena. And Murcielago was indeed such a bull. He was subsequently donated to the breeder Antonio Miura, and went on to father a formidable line of fighting bulls that extends right down to the present day. The Concept of Murcielago The Lamborghini Murcielago is 2-seater, 2-door coupe (with the now familiar gull-wing doors) based on the traditional Lamborghini layout: mid-mounted V12 engine, typical Lamborghini transmission with the gearbox mounted in front of the engine and the rear differential integrated into the engine unit, permanent four-wheel drive with central viscous coupler. This layout, successfully employed by Lamborghini for more than 30 years, affords an optimal weight distribution (58% rear and 42% front) with conspicuous advantages for traction, braking and handling. The suspension design (independent double wishbones) represents the best possible solution for a high-performance GT and, again, is in keeping with Lamborghini tradition. The external bodywork panels are made from carbon fiber, with the exception of the steel roof and door panels. The rear of the Lamborghini Murcielago features two "active" intakes for the engine cooling air. With the exclusive VACS (“Variable Air-flow Cooling Systemâ€), the aperture of these air intakes can be varied to suit the driving conditions. Furthermore, to ensure correct aerodynamic equilibrium at all speeds, the angle of the rear spoiler can also be altered. According to the speed of the car, the rear spoiler can assume three different positions: closed from 0 to 80 mph, partially open (50°) between 80 and 140 mph and fully open (70°) above 140 mph. Depending on the aperture of the air intakes and the position of the rear spoiler, the car's Cx coefficient varies from a minimum of 0.33 to a maximum of 0.36. Bi-xenon headlights produce both main and dipped beams. For the windscreen wiper, it was decided to adopt the proven single-arm pantograph design. This system increases the area swept by the wiper blade, thereby reducing blind spots in the visual field of the driver, and operates correctly at high speed without obstructing the driver's view when at rest. The wing mirrors can be folded electrically and are mounted on long support arms so that the driver can see beyond the rear wings, which are especially prominent when the air intakes are open. However, mirror stability is not compromised, even at high speeds. A further optional extra is the “Branding Packageâ€, which comprises the Lamborghini logo in relief on the headrests and the colored Lamborghini logo on the wheels Ladies and Gentleman, here we have The Hotest 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago for the Cheapest Price you will ever see in your life. It is finished in the most desirable Pearl Yellow with Black Leather Hide accented with Yellow Stitching throughout. This Gem only has 12K Miles and is a 6-spd. The car runs and drives out of this world. This is a rare opportunity for someone to buy a Murcielago for a price never before seen and which will never be seen again, so snooze on this one and you will kick yourself for it later. You will have to pay over $200K to get near one again. This car is truly out of this world, the paint is just Spellbinding...the Pearl 3 Stage Yellow Paint is intoxicating under the sun. The Interior is all Nice Tight Black Leather that you slip around in like Black Satin Sheets and the Power on this baby is like Raging Bull. But all this would only be a Dream if it wasn't for the Price of $149,999.00 You will never see it again. Guaranteed!!!

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