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2001 Ferrari F360 Spider Convertible
exterior color:Rosso Red
interior color:Tan
number of cylinders:8-cyl
body type:Cabriolet
VIN number:125273
price:$169,999.00 (SOLD)

From the first time a small boy beholds a Red Ferrari scream by...that image is forever embedded in their dreams to one day be lucky enough to ride in one, much less own one. The Ferrari seems to have an inherent Spellbinding effect of every boy and man's sole...this phenomenon is as old as is Ferrari...and I believe no fine sports automobile will ever achieve this Iconic greatness. But even though we all dream that she will one day, be ours...only a very select few...will ever achieve the kind of success it takes to afford themselves one of these enchanting mistresses...the rest can only stand by and marvel as, every once in a great while, one screams by. Gentlemen, if you have achieved this level of success in your life and only the best will do for you...Do we have the most beautiful Topless Redhead you have ever dreamed about or what? Here we have a 2001 Ferrari F360 Spider Finished in the only color a Ferrari should every come in...The famous Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red with St. Tropez Tan Leather Hides Throughout. When you lift up her short red mini skirt from the rear, she will show you her tuned down Formula one 3.6-litre V8, DOHC, 40 valves, Horsepower 400 @ 8500 rpm, Torque 275 @ 4750 rpm monster engine, which you can shift in and out of her gated slots, making her scream like a Speed Demon or purr like a kitten all with the control of your stick. You haven't really changed over from a boy to a man until you have shifted a Ferrari through it's gated shifter as you hear that engine scream right behind your ears. Factory Amenities include: power windows, power mirrors, power door locks, heated mirrors, automatic climate control, keyless entry and alarm, Xenon headlights, AM/FM CD with CD changer, alloy wheels, aluminum chassis, driver and passenger airbags, Scuderia Shields, a Power Black Top, Power Steering, ABS Brakes, AC Climate control, Keyless factory remote entry with alarm, $14K Factory Sport seats, Ferrari Floor Mats, Factory Red Car Cover, Seat covers, Steering wheel cover, tote bag, and much much more!!! Powered by a 3.6-litre V8, the 360 is the first production Ferrari to be constructed entirely in aluminum. The Spider is basically a convertible version of the Modena; the race-inspired Stradale has unique styling. The Modena was the 163rd Ferrari to be designed by Pininfarina, with the passenger compartment set almost centrally between the two axles and the engine visible under a rear glass screen. The Modena has a roomy cockpit. Interior is leather with aluminum trim. The Spider is the 20th road-going drop-top in the company’s history. The roof folds automatically into a special well between the cockpit and the engine bay, and two roll bars provide occupant safety. The power roof takes 20 seconds to fold and is capped off by an integrated tonneau cover. It has a fabric lining and interchangeable PVC rear window. The interior has an electrically-operated “strongbox†storage compartment between the seats, and two storage nets on each side of the rear console. Screens on the roll bars eliminate wind buffeting when the roof is down. Layout Mid-engine/rear-wheel-drive, Engine 3.6-litre V8, DOHC, 40 valves, Horsepower 400 @ 8500 rpm, Torque 275 @ 4750 rpm, Transmission 6-speed manual. Good Luck!!!

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