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The First ever built Wicked-7 Super Mega Wide Turbo Body
exterior color:Wicked Raven Black
interior color:Black
number of cylinders:6-cyl
body type:Coupe
VIN number:6675
price:$79,999.00 (SOLD) to a Race Car Driver in England

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think just maybe we may have topped ourselves this time. Wicked Motor Works is the Leader and Pioneer, in the Customized Modifications of Porsches and other Exotic Sports Cars. Today, we are unveiling the Porsche 996 Twin Turbo TechArt GT2 Mega-Wide Wicked-7 Body, Which is 7 Inches Wider then the normal Turbo Body in the Front and Rear" There is only one word that can describe this new creation that we are unveiling today for the first time "WICKED" Here is what we did: We took a stock 1999 Porsche 996 Carrera Coupe and we removed every body panel on the car apart from the roof. Then we ordered all Factory OEM Porsche Twin Turbo Front Fenders and Rear quarter panels. Once our Expert Fabricators installed the factory front fenders and rear quarter panels (just like the factory would by the spot welds) we then went further, where no Porsche fabrication and modification shop has gone before, we added 3.5 inches to each fender and quarter panel "in medal NOT fiberglass" by hand, piece by piece in individual sections (this process took 2 months). Once the quarter panels and fenders were perfectly shaped, we began modifying the front techart style front bumper and rear turbo bumper and expanding them to accommodate the wider custom body as only we can. Then we went to the Rocker panels, the rocker panels had to be cut and put in place by 3-5" sections so they never crack from the extreme curve in the body (this took 3 weeks). Then we installed our custom hood with lines and contours to accentuate the lines and curves of the entire car. We then installed the rear window wing to make the rear of the car look even wider then it is. Finally, the last body part our own GT2 Decklid and Wing was installed. Once all the body work and modifications were done, we took everything off to paint them. Once everything was painted in parts, we then installed them on the car and prepped the car for 2 weeks before we began the painting stages on the car. The paint job on the car looks like black glass, it is so gorgeous you would be afraid to touch it in fear of putting one finger print on it. This creation folks is truly a masterpiece and will be seen in several shows and magazines as we sent out pictures of it to many high end publications and they cannot wait to see the car at a show. We will be doing this body on a Twin Turbo next and the price tag will be $150K. We wanted to do it on a Carrera body first just to see how everything would come out and this is the reason some very lucky individual will own this car at a price that cannot even be dreamed of. But you will never see this look for this price again, because we will only be doing this body on Turbo's now unless it is a custom commissioned order. Here is what This Mega-Super-Car has: 2004 Porsche Twin Turbo GT2 TechArt Mega-WideBody Wicked-7 Super Car Look built on a 1999 Porsche Carrera platform. Featuring TechArt Style Custom Wide front Bumper, OEM Turbo Fenders modified in steel 3.5 inches wider on each fender, TechArt Style custom modified Side Rockers, Wicked front Lined Hood, Xenon Headlights, clear markers, OEM Turbo Quarter Panels modified in steel 3.5 inches wider on each fender, Rear Glass Wing, Rear GT2 Look Tail, Rear Turbo Bumper modified to accommodate the wider rear body, Custom Mesh Style in front bumper, rear quarter bezels and rear bumper vents, Cross Drilled Rotors, Black Matching Brake calipers, OEM Dual Chrome Tips $500.00 Each. The car is full loaded from the factory with a Power Sunroof, Power Windows, Power ABS Braking System, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Dual Power Seats with Seat warmers and memory, AC System with climate control, CD Stereo System, 4-Surround Airbags, Rear Folddown seats. We have also Customized the interior to enhance the Exotic Look of the Exterior, we updated the Steering Wheel to a 3-Spoke Steering Wheel in Black Leather Wheel and leather airbag (you have an option to have us wrap part of the steering wheel in silver) We also updated the interior with Artic Silver Accents including the Center Console, the dash bezel, the cluster bezel, the AC vents, the door pockets, the door handles, the speaker covers, hazard button bezel, Tiptronic shifter. We also installed Brand New Turbo Floor mats and brand New Turbo Door Sills. The Windows have also been tinted to add to the Liquid Black look of the car. The highlight of the car are the wheels, these wheels were custom made for us for this wide custom car by Kinesis. They made a 19-Inch 3pc Wheel. The Wheels are in chrome with a 6" lip in the rear and 4" Lip in the front with Black Centers. We could not go any wider then 13" wheels in the rear and 11" wheels in the front because the biggest 19" Tires that are currently being produced is Continental 315/25/19 in the rear and 265/30/19 in the front. This wheel and tire set up cost us $7,500.00 but this car is all custom so there had to be modifications for the front to accept an 11" wheel, so we had to move the front radiators forward and add racing stoppers to the steering to allow the huge monster wheel to fit in the front. So you can see how much goes into a car like this and the cash that goes it to it pours let me tell you, it would cost you $100K to duplicate this car. The great thing about this car is that it is a Tiptronic car, so that you can cruse on the congested freeways with ice cold AC, your favorite song in the CD player and every eyeball on the freeway popping out of their sockets at you or you can drop it in Tip-Mode and rip through the canyons and highways. If you have to convince the wife or girlfriend, tell them they can enjoy it to because after all it is an automatic as well. This car is truly one of the best creations we have come up with and it is such a joy to drive and own, and talk about a conversation piece, you will be the envy of every Male you drive by. take this opportunity to own this Very Unique, one-of-a-kind show car, you will not see anything like it for a while. "Wicked" others try to imitate us, but we will always stay a step forward without new and innovative creations. Best Wishes.

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