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2005 Porsche 997 Wicked-11 Mega Wide Body Coupe
exterior color: Wicked Ice Silver
interior color: Black Leather
number of cylinders: 6-cyl
transmission: Tiptronic
body type:Coupe
VIN number:741683
price:$89,999.00 (SOLD)

This Special Porsche that we have Created Started life out as a Stock 2005 Porsche 997 Carrera S when it first arrived to our Facility. We transformed it to our New Generation Wicked-11 Twin Turbo Mega Widebody. We started out with designing a Stunning Wider Rear Body by Widening the Rear Quarter Panels (All with OEM Steel 997 Quarter Panels) by 3.5 inches on each side to give it a Monstrous 7 Inch Wider Body then Stock. However, the way we did it was to create Air Ducts that run from the top of the rear quarter panel to the bottom so to maximize the air intake to suck gaping gulps of air to cool (either the rear brakes if non-Turbo or the Intercoolers if Turbo). This again, is done all in Steel and the shapes and contours of the New Beautiful 997 Body were preserved so that we don't change the stock beauty but to enhance it. We followed the Spellbinding design by continuing the contours of he Wider rear quarter panels to the matching (custom fabricated steel) running boards along the side of the car to the front fenders. The Front Fenders are also Widened by 2 inches on each side to give it a Wider Stance in the front in Complimenting the rear. This process of the Wider front and rear quarters takes alone takes about 8 weeks of intense and painstaking labor and equipment. Once this process is completed we move to the custom ground effects. For the Look of the front we designed and created the Wicked 997 front Bumper, this front bumper is very aggressive and allows for maximum cooling for the front cooling system as it allows for huge air intakes, while giving the car a look to Kill. This is a custom bumper made for this particular car as it needs to be wider then normal to accommodate the wide body of the car. The Rear Bumper also is customized to accommodate the MegaWidebody. For the Rear the Monstrous Wide Body the finishing touch was a Custom made GT2 Tail and Decklid Specially created for the new 997 Body. Once the entire creation of this Heavenly Body was completed we gave it a paintjob that is like Liquid Metallic Arctic Silver Glass, the paint job is mesmerizing. Then came time for the wheels...We contacted the Best of the Best when it came to custom racing wheels HRE. HRE custom built a 19" 3pc. Wheel for us that has a NEVER BEFORE SEEN and unmatched Whopping 7 Inch Polished Outer Lip in the rear Wheel. There is only one way to describe these wheels "WICKED" For the Tire again, we chose the Best of the Best Pirelli P-Zero Rosso a Whopping 355/25 ZR 19. These wheels and tire are something you have never seen on a Porsche nor will you ever see on a Porsche again...unless of course we created the Porsche. This Spellbinding Creation is Nearly New with ((( ONLY 1k Miles ))). The drivetrain is a Stock Carrera S 3.8L Engine and the Transmission is a Tiptronic. Some of it's Amenities Include: Boss Entertainment System, Power Windows, Power Seats with memory, Power DoorLocks, Power Mirrors, Gorgeous Leather Seats with Beautiful Silver Stitching Throughout, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Door Airbags, Side Seat Airbags, White Gauges, Leather Dash with Silver Stitching throughout, Custom Wicked Floor Mats, CD Stereo Navigation System, Dual Climate control, Cell Phone Capability, Hidden Cup holders, Silver Interior accents, and Much Much More!!! Something like this is not for an ordinary person, this is a very special car for a very special person that desires to stand above the ordinary...If this is you, then this one's for you. Look Luck!!!

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