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2008 Porsche Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Cabriolet (Built on a 2004 Porsche Turbo Ca
exterior color:Wicked Sunrise Yellow
interior color:Black
number of cylinders:6-cyl
body type:Cabriolet
VIN number:676038
price:$180,000.00 (SOLD)

Once Again...WICKED MOTORWORKS strives each year to bring you the most innovative Porsche Wide Body Designs, the most Luxurious Custom Porsche Interiors and the most Road Ripping Horse Power Performance Upgrades imaginable. We introduce today our New Generation and New Body Style...The New 2008 Porsche 997 Twin Turbo Cabriolet BUT WAIT...We know that the 997 Twin Turbo Cabriolet has not been produced for sale yet...but WICKED always stays one step ahead, so if you would like to be the only person on the planet to have not just the non-exiting 2008 Porsche 997 Twin Turbo Topless Cabriolet BUT YOU WANT IT CUSTOMIZED TO THE TEETH LIKE ONLY WICKED MOTORWORKS CAN BUILD...Then baby, your ship has come in!!! Introducing the WICKED MOTORWORKS NEW GENERATION WICKED-7 MEGAWIDEBODY. 2008 Porsche 997 Twin Turbo GTR-700 Wicked-7 Mega WideBody Cabriolet, built on a 2004 Porsche Twin Turbo Cabriolet. Let us begin with this heavenly body first...We began with set of Brand New Factory Porsche Turbo Quarter Panels for the Rear, after our expert team fabricated the coupe turbo quarter panels to a cabriolet body (because we wanted to get the 997 turbo body contours) we then began our painstaking all steel Megawidebody custom work to stretch them out to our famous Whopping 7-Inches Wider then a stock Turbo (which takes 6 weeks alone). Once the rear 997 turbo MegaWidebody quarter panels are completed on the outside of the quarter panel, we then goto the underside to make the finish as gorgeous on the underside as it is on the outside, the result is a factory finish. We sketched out and created the 997 Twin Turbo Rear Quarter panel Inlets (they are much longer then before) The ducting located on the underside of the rear quarter panels that route the air from the intakes to the Intercoolers located behind each side of the rear bumpers, were also highly modified to accommodate the structure of the newer 997 Twin Turbo Quarter Panel and inlet contours. We then move to the factory Porsche 997 Twin Turbo Front Fenders (which are one inch wider then non-turbo) we stretch the front fenders 4 inches wider. We also modify the front end of the car to accept the 997 style hood and fenders and make it look like a factory finish, as you can see. Once the front and rear widebodies have been completed, we move to the all steel 997 Twin Turbo Rocker panels which we fabricated in our facilities by measuring, bending and re-bending sheets of metal to get the exact identical shape and contours as the factory 997 twin turbo (because when we were building this car the 997 turbo only existed in spy photos, so that's all we had to work with). Next was a hard one...We had to build the 997 Twin Turbo Rear Bumper from spy photos, so we took the photos, made drawings, and began the fabrication process, so the rear 997 twin turbo rear bumper you see on this car is something we created from scratch, but of course we had to make our bumper much wider to accommodate our Monster Widebody. We then moved to the front bumper which we incorporated a Factory look meshed with a 997 Tech-Style Bumper which we created for our Mega Widebody once again. Then on to the Rear Decklid and Tail...Wicked Porsches have always used the GT2 Style Tail because it is aggressive and most of our creations have an aggressive flare to them. However, we had to build a 997 Twin Turbo Style Decklid and that is exactly what we did. Finally we outfitted the front 997 Twin Turbo Xenon Headlights, Blinkers, and markers as well as the rear 997 Twin Turbo Taillights and brake light. Once we had everything completed and installed, we took the entire car back apart for the paint department. The entire Interior of the car was also and gorgeous Top Quality Suede on the bottom half of the Dash. Also we installed only Factory Carbon Fiber Top Dash Trim Accents as well as Factory Carbon Fiber AC Vents. Carbon Fiber Speaker Covers. Moving down, the Factory Carbon Fiber Center Dash Horse Shoe, as well as the factory carbon Fiber horizontal 3-pc accent strip that runs along the middle of the dash. We also covered the top portion of the instrument gauge cluster with our fine suede and accented the inside of the cluster with the Factory Carbon Fiber Bezel. We also added silver gauge rings to the cluster to give it the ultimate custom look and feel. Now for the Steering Wheel. This is a Factory Bicolor 3-spoke Steering Wheel which came with the car in it's Original Speed Yellow Color, however we double wrapped it in part black padded suede to give it an amazing like velvet feel to the touch yet allowing a cushioned thick tight grip for those tight corners you'll be taking and Cross Stitched in matching Yellow that looks out of this world. The airbag is also in factory Leather with a Silver Porsche crest. Moving on to the center is finished in a matching factory Speed Yellow and we dressed it up with only the best, matching double yellow stitched suede, Carbon fiber and aluminum Custom Thick Turbo Shifter. Matching Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Hand Brake, The Armrest and console side covers have also been covered in the matching suede. Moving to the door panels...The door panels are also a matching combination of fine hide and suede all double stitched in the matching yellow Stitching that is throughout this fine interior and accented with a touch of Factory Carbon Fiber. The rear Door panels match the front door panels with the combination Hide and Suede and again double stitched in the matching yellow stitching. Carbon Fiber Speaker Covers. Moving on to the Front Factory Sport Seats which have just a breathtaking and tasteful combination of the finest in Soft Hide and Velvety Suede subtle two-tone flavor with just a master array of matching yellow double stitching throughout. The rear covers of the Sport Seats are a matching Speed Yellow for a top custom appearance. The rear fold down seats have a matching customized look to match the front seats, just look at the fine stitching. Wicked-7 Black and Yellow Floor Mats. There are four airbags that surround you and befitting Factory Speed Yellow Front and Rear Seat belts. The Factory Black Power Top is in New condition and has a Glass rear Window. Some of the Factory Amenities include: Power Windows, Power ABS Braking System, PSM System, Power Doorlocks, Keyless Entry Factory Alarm System, Power Mirrors, Self dimming Rear view, Power top, Power rear Wing, AC System with climate control, cruse control, defrost and cup holders. The Entertainment System begins with a factory CD-Stereo Navigation Unit and that is the only thing stock about this system as we have installed a $15K custom designed sound system specifically for the acoustics of the interior of this car. The system is offered by Spellbound Audio Systems "From God's mouth to your ears" there simply is nothing ever createdremoved and all of the removable body panels and lighting were removed and the car was blocked for 2 weeks to prepare for the first stages of paint. We use the most expensive German paint with our cars (Glasurit Paint, and Glasurit Clear Coat). The Interior was completed customized and redesigned to compliment the Spellbinding and Heavenly Body. Lets begin with the Top of the Dash...We covered the dash with the finest German Soft Leather Hide on the top half or engineered that will give you a cleaner, crisper, more lifelike sound then this system. The beauty about this system, besides the heavenly sound, is that all of the components are hidden to the eye, no huge boxes, amps, and woofers...well at least non that you will see, but they are there, somewhere. Now let us move on to the suspension, which consists of Adjustable linkage and Coilovers and the braking system which has cross drilled rotors and Red Factory Calipers. Now for the drive train...This monster comes with a 3.6L Twin Turbo Engine with a 6-spd Transmission. And here are the Engine Mods and Performance upgrades which make this gorgeous Blond into a Screaming Speed Demon...Wicked Zero Tolerance Turbos, Wicked Hybrid Headers, 75MM Intake Plenum, 75MM Throttle Body, Wicked Intercoolers, Wicked Y-Pipe Upgrade, Stage 4 ECU upgrade, 1.4 Bar Boost Control &, ECU Diode Bypass, Wicked Custom Exhaust, Billet Diverter Values, Billet Wastegate Upgrades, Evo Airbox Upgrade, MAF Upgrade...bringing the Horse Power to Approx. 700HP at the Flywheel. The car is not for the faint at heart, this is one FAST SPEED DEMON and pulls like a Jet Fighter so know what you are getting yourself into. You can turn the boost down and use 91 octane gas around town and turn up the boost with 100 octane gas if you want to launch off the planet. Now this MegaWidebody Monster with this much HP needs a lot of Meat on the floor, so HRE custom built wheels for our Wicked-7 Mega Widebodies with a Whopping 7-Inch outer Lip 19" Wheels that is 14-Inches wide 355 Mega-Tire by Pirelli. There is nothing like these wheels that will only fit one of our Wicked-7 cars. Folks I can go on and on for days describing this creation but you must feel this experience for yourself. If you want to be the first with the 997 Turbo Cabriolet, if you have to have the best of everything, looks, luxury, feel, speed, performance, there is not another Porsche that can complete or is even in the same league as this machine. And if you have any questions of it being faster then any Ferrari, lamborghini, or Carerra GT out there, this car will leave them in a cloud of shame. There really is not substitute when it comes to this Showcar

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