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2010 Porsche 998 Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body (built on a 2002 Carrera Cab)
exterior color:Wicked Raven Black
interior color:Black with Silver accents
number of cylinders:6-cyl
body type:Cabriolet

Ladies and Gentleman, Wicked Motor Works is once again, proud to introduce the New Generation 2010 Porsche 998 Twin Turbo Cabriolet Look built with our Famous Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Cabriolet Body Style. We at Wicked Motor Works, your premier Custom Porsche Design House, are always on the cutting edge and forefront of Custom Designed Mega Wide Body Porsches, which we are World Famous for building in Factory Steel Panels. Nearly every Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Custom Porsche Design we build is Featured on a Major Affluent Exotic Car Magazine such as The Dupont Registry, Makes and Models, Luxury Auto, etc). We are proud of building some of the most beautiful custom Porsches on the planet. Please enjoy...

Here we have our Newest Black Beauty to come out of our factory...This is a full 2010 Porsche 998 Twin Turbo Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Cabriolet Conversion that we built on a 2002 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet. All the original body panels are removed and replaced with New Factory OEM Porsche Turbo Panels, then the panels are cut and reconfigured to the Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Specs. Then the Wicked-7 Wide Body Enchantments are outfitted. All of the New generation lighting and wiring harnesses are installed. The Exhaust and Carbon Fiber fitments and fabrications are tested for fitment. Then the entire car is taken apart again, painted and reassembled. The final product, as you can see, is a work of art.

The particular Wicked-7 is finished in a Ebony Black Exterior. Beginning from the front and going to the rear...The front bumper is our Wicked-708 Front Enhancement Bumper that has the most aggressive yet elegant front bumper to adorn a Porsche. The front three gaping openings allow airflow to pass through the cooling system to keep the high performance vehicle running cool for optimum performance. The Front Bumper Side air outlets allow the air to flow freely in an aerodynamic way as it decreases the air pressure pushing against the cooling system by acting as a air pressure release. The same concept is true for the top vent located at the top of the bumper. This magnificent front bumper design is adorned with Carbon Fiber Inserts in all three gaping inlets to give it a Spellbinding appearance as well as an aggressive stance. The factory turbo LED blinker lights are recessed inside the left and right inlets to give it a haunting free floating appearance. And we completed the look with a matching Carbon Fiber lower Valance.

The rear bumper is equally stunning. The rear bumper was designed for aesthetics appearance, as well as aerodynamic air flow, allow for the expelling of high temperature heat put out by high performance engines. and decreasing weight for performance. The side shark like gill outlets are designed to allow the air exiting from the Intercoolers to pass through the bumper and to the rear of the vehicle for best aerodynamic flow. The center of the bumper is built of metal mesh to allow for the aspiration of excess heat emitting from the engine and exhaust system to allow for a cooler running engine. The exhaust system is customized to a quad four barrel Exhaust System that is raised and exists through the center of the rear bumper. The muffler tips are adorned with a Carrera GT Style Bezel look to give it a aggressive stance. And finally the bumper is designed and outfitted with a massive Carbon Fiber bottom Diffuser, that looks out of this world as well as allowing the air passing through the bottom of the vehicle to rise up and exit the rear of the vehicle in a smooth and aerodynamic fashion.

For the decklid, we wanted to compliment the aggressive rear Wicked-708 Bumper yet we did not want to go overboard with a massive obscene Wing. this we decided to incorporate the factory New Generation GT2 Decklid because it is aggressive yet elegant, however we redesigned the angle of the air inlets as well as the Wing and Blade, which we gave more of a chiseled and sharp line look and added a angled Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Blade. Breathtaking.

The vehicle is also converted over to the new generation headlights and New 2010 Porsche Turbo LED Taillights that look out of this world with our Wicked-708 Rear Bumper. The side Mirrors are also updated to the New Generation Look. The Wheels we chose for this Beast fits it like a glove. We had to use our Massive 20" X 13" Wheels (will only fit a Wicked-7) We went with the Wicked-Omen Wheels with a Black Center and mirror like 7" Massive Chrome outer Lip. This set up compliments the vehicle perfectly.

This vehicle is fully Factory Loaded with all Power Options. Including: Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power ABS Brakes, Power Steering, Keyless Entry factory Alarm with Power Door Locks, Ac System, 4 airbags, Power Black Soft Top and Black matching Hard Top, etc. The Seats are Custom Sport Seats wrapped in Leather and Suede in a 997 Pattern and Arctic Silver Hardbacks, Full Arctic Silver Interior Upgrades, only 19K on a 3.6L Porsche engine. 6-spd Transmission. Wicked-7 Floor Mats, Wicked-7 Brake Calipers, Wicked Door Sills, CD Stereo System, Rear Fold Down Seats, Silver Porsche Hood Crest, and Much Much More!!!

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