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2008 Porsche Wicked-7 Mega Wide Body Cab (Built on a 2001 Carrera Cab Platform)
exterior color:Wicked Frost White
interior color:Black with white accents
number of cylinders:6-cyl
body type:Cabriolet
VIN number:653313
price:$89,999.00 SOLD (Shipped to Holland)

Ladies and Gentlemen, throughout the Years you have come to recognize Wicked Motor Works as the Innovating Pioneer in producing some of the most highly Customized Porsche Widebody Cars. We began with building 911 Widebodies in the 80's, the moved onto the 993 Widebodies in the 90's, then progressing with every generational change produced the Now Famous Wicked-7 Mega Widebodies for the 996 water cooled platform for the past 6 years and now in the beginning of 2008 we are retiring the 996 Wicked-7 Platform and now producing our new 997 Porsche Wicked-7 Mega Widebody for 2008. We introduce this line of heavenly bodies with this first White 2008 Wicked-7 Mega WideBody Cabriolet for your enjoyment and pleasure. You will notice that the new version of the Wicked-7 has adopted the 997 Twin Turbo Body (all in Brand New OEM Factory steel panels), adding the Wicked-7 Mega Widebody Steel Custom Body Work to Extend the Rear Quarter Panels by 3.5" on each side and Extend the Front Fenders by 2.0" on each side. We fabricate the rocker panels ourselves (in steel) to accommodate the wider body. You will notice that we have a New Front Bumper called the Wicked-708 Front Bumper, which has deep inlets to increase airflow through the front cooling system so that the vehicle runs cooler without sacrificing aerodynamics. The three left, right and center inlets come with Carbon Fiber Inserts to give a very aggressive appearance and stance while at the same time, contrasting against the background of the vehicle color for a perfect finish. The Factory Signal lights have been recessed back into the Inlets to give off more of a demonic look, where all you see are the slight amber of the light back, deep into gaping holes. The Bottom valance is also made of Carbon Fiber to accentuate the Carbon Fiber inlets. The top vent allows for air to pass up and through the bumper as well as the side outlets to allow for better air flow. Overall, there is nothing as nice and as aggressive as this front bumper on the market. It is available for the Wicked-7's, and 997 Turbo Cars. We are currently in the process of manufacturing our rear Wicked-708 Bumper for this series and for 997 Turbo Cars and are about 2-3 weeks away from completion. The rear bumper has a massive Carbon Fiber Diffuser, has a 4 Barrel Exhaust System that is relocated about 7 inches above stock, and has a Shark Gill Style rear Intercooler Outlet. The prototype looks phenomenal. Keep and eye out for it soon.

Here we have a 2001 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet Transformed into the New 2008 Porsche 997 Twin Turbo Wicked-7 Mega WideBody Cabriolet Look. She has a Massive Wide Rear End as you can see in the photos and an aggressive but Breathtaking front end with Spellbinding curves and lines that wrap around her like flowing locks of hair wrapped around the body of a beautiful naked woman. We finished her in a 4-stage Glasorit Factory Carrera White Color with a 4-stage Glasorit Clear Coat. And how this shade of white accentuates the body of this creation is shear bliss. Anyone who sees our custom Porsches always says the same thing "This is the best one you've built yet" and that is because we get better, more creative, more daring and the wisdom of experience through each year, through each car and through each customer. With a Body like this, we had to put on the perfect wheels, so, we ordered a set of Whopping 3-pc. 20"X13" Monsters with a 7" outer Lip from Auto Couture to outfit this masterpiece. We had the entire wheel drums (inner's and outers) as well as the center powder coated a Semi Gloss Black and finished it off with a matching Carrera White Outer Ring to go around the wheels. The result speaks for itself. You know you have something great when it speaks for itself. The Interior is all Black Leather Hide with Full Factory Options. We put in a matching set of White Backed Sport seats with White matching stitching as well as a matching white center console to give the interior a nice clean custom look. The Black Power Top is Brand New. The engine only has 27K miles on it and it runs like a bat-outta-hell, the 6-spd transmission shift perfectly. Some of the Factory amenities include Power Soft Top, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power Door Locks (also, notice how we updated the Side Mirrors and Door Handles with Factory 997 Mirrors and handles), Power ABS Braking system, AC Climate Control, and Much More!!! Of Course we added the New matching Wicked-7 Floor Mats so you have a new car look and feel. These pictures do not do this car justice, this car is just a stunning creation and makes Ferrari's and lambo's look like ordinary everyday cars. This is truly the Best of the Best. Buy it, own it, drive it for yourself and you will not be able to take the smile off your face with a crowbar, trust me on this one. Best of Luck!!!

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